our story

Our story is very old, in fact several thousand years.

Our spirits are connected with the time when Jesus walked in Gallilee and Judea.

News came to Ireland through many faithful servants of God, St Patrick being the best known.

We carry the flame of faith in our hearts, like many other believers in Ireland.

Each of us have our own story of how we met Jesus, and know him as lord and helper.


Healing Streams

We began in the Winter 2002 in Newcastle West with prayer meetings in our homes with a yearning in the hearts that God would reach into our community.

We started Sunday meetings in Coole Lane, Newcastle West.

Alpha courses
We have run Alpha courses in Newcastle West and Rathkeale.

St Patrick's Day Parades in Newcastle West
Each year we seek to join in with the local community to celebrate the life and message of St Patrick.

Christmas Carols in Newcastle West
Also each year we join in with other local churches and sing carols in the square to celebrate Christmas.

This image shows a lovely stone bridge in the Demesne park in Newcastle West.